Automation systems and devices
  • Design, completion and commissioning of industrial automation systems based on freely programmable controllers and computer devices
  • Implementation of computer networks in copper and fiber optic technology
  • Prefabrication of automation control cabinets based on domestic and imported cabinets

Mechanics, hydraulics and pneumatics

  • Renovation, inspections, modernization of technological devices
  • Renovation, inspections, modernization of hydraulic equipment and pneumatic pneumatics
  • Implementation of pipe systems for hydraulics, pneumatics and cooling in industrial installations
  • Analysis of the purity of hydraulic oil in power hydraulics

Control and measurement apparatus, measurements

  • Repair, calibration and checking of transducers, indicators, recorders and regulators to measure temperature, pressure, flow and other non-electrical quantities measured by electric methods
  • Execution of new, refurbished used, and checking and issuing of certificates of functional thermocouples from precious and non-precious metals
  • Checking the electric value meters
  • Measurements of the chemical composition of exhaust gases

Electrical devices and networks

  • Delivery, assembly of switchgears, transformers and cable lines
  • Design and implementation of industrial low and medium voltage electrical installations, lightning protection systems
  • Electrical, periodic and acceptance measurements up to 15kV
  • Visual inspection, overhauls, repairs and measurements of power and transformer stations and cable lines up to 15 kV

Electrical machines and devices NN

  • Current repairs and repairs of DC and AC electric machines with power up to 160 kW
  • Prefabrication of low voltage switchgears